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Sabeto Valley Mud Pool and Thermal Spring

The Sabeto hot water springs are one of Fiji's hidden jewels. It provides a rare opportunity to indulge in a therapeutic natural spa, also known as the Sabeto mud baths. ! Located halfway between the major cities of Nadi and Lautoka on the main island of Viti Levu, the Fijian mud baths are a must-do holiday experience. The therapeutic mud pool of Sabeto is the ideal remedy for self-cleansing or naturally beautifying yourself. The sulphur in the hot springs is believed by locals to have healing properties and is a popular spot for both visitors and locals, providing a great social experience.


The Sabeto Hot Springs has three pools set in lush natural surroundings, have fun applying rejuvenating mud generously on yourself and your friends! Immerse yourself in the warm spring pool and discover authentic Fijian warmth.


A naturally occurring phenomena, the warmth of the geothermal springs comes from a volcanic source with the unmistakable odour of sulphur which is thought to convey therapeutic properties. The site is popular with locals and visitors alike and a chance for some, err, good clean fun! Administered by a local village for a nominal fee of FJ$15 for upkeep, this charmingly rustic attraction consists of three thermal springs of varying temperatures set amid the lush verdant Sabeto Valley. You'll receive a guided tour of the area before you get to immerse yourself in warm mud.


The mud bath spa ritual goes like this: don your swimwear and enter the thick, muddy pool first and relax. Hop out and cake yourself in mud and allow it to dry in the sun before hopping back into the muddy bath and then over to the clear spring to clean up. The pool temperatures vary from quite hot (60 degrees Celsius) to warm. The social experience of getting dirty with locals and other travellers is quite levelling.


If you have never been covered in mud from head to toe, it’s an experience! They claim to have age-defying benefits and healing notions but overall, it just feels ….. Interesting.



  • Pick up from your hotel.
  • Time 9.00a.m
  • Site seeing through-out the journey.
  • Fascinating mud bath.
  • Half day Trip.
  • At the end of the day around (2.00pm) you will be dropped off at your hotel.

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