Aqua Tours Fiji also specialises in events management. This will be an exciting and exhilarating experience for your group. We offer staff conference and management programs to help run your function.

A successful travel program begins with a destination that inspires. We carefully match the venue to move and motivate your demographic. This includes:

  • Sourcing unique and exotic venues
  • Destination research and advice
  • Demographic matching
  • Powerful itineraries that inspire

Exceptional experiences
To achieve real success from an incentive program, your delegates need to experience the time of their life. We deliver this by creating a unique program everytime. Programs include:

  • Rare and exciting experiences
  • Memories that last a lifetime
  • Enhance client relations
  • Emotional connections to your brand

Full Service
Our fully managed program execution, together with careful attention to detail, ensures we deliver you a successful program every time. Program management includes:

  • Defining objectives
  • Budget guidance and development
  • Return on investment modelling
  • Complete end-to-end fulfilment

Theme Events

Aqua Tours Fiji operates their own sightseeing and adventure tours and builds events tailor-made to your requirements.
Be it a cocktail reception, seated dinner, buffet or BBQ, we will ensure your themed event shines. Recommended functions turn that dining into extraordinary experience with event styling and theming, sets and props, creative lighting design, themed linen and show/music concepts.
Our dedicated team of specialists can create innovative programs and provide you with personalized service every step of the way!