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Private Vehicle pick up from Nadi & Denarau Hotel at 10am.

Abaca is also home to Koroyanitu National Heritage Park. Abaca is set in a tropical wilderness of primeval rainforests and plunging waterfalls against a backdrop of dusky lava mountains and host to a wide range of challenging treks, Abaca is an ultimate trekker's paradise. There are barbecue facilities, swimming holes, a 12-bed lodge and authentic handicrafts for those looking for something different. Commentaries on the history and culture of the area are also provided.

Find adventure, spectacular views and historical sites in Viti Levu's largest native rainforest. Foot treks used for generations follow the ridges and canyons; providing something for everyone, from the leisurely stroller on a nature walk, to the experienced hiker seeking a thrill.


It’s off into the beautiful rainforests for some trekking and a chance to do some bird watching where you will see some beautiful parrots that are native to this rainforest. Take a dip in the cool waterfalls

We’ll make a short stop on the way for you to take pictures of the beautiful panoramic view of the Mamanuca & Yasawa groups of islands as well as the entire Lautoka city area.


The location of our village has changed six times. In 1931, the village was moved to its seventh and present location. The reasons for relocating the village vary, according to events at the time. The village was first located near the seashore in present day-Lautoka but a war to seize the land among the YAVUSA (tribe) broke out. People of the village abandoned the rich land along the seashore and moved up the hill in order to survive. They built a fort on a hill in the KOROYANITU Mountains and from their enemies.


It is Fiji’s Forest which contains all her important endemic fauna and flora, nearly half of the land birds and more than half the native plants are only found in Fiji. There are eleven plants which are endemic to the KOROYANITU Mountain Range. They are not even found elsewhere on Viti Levu.


Near their lodge in ABACA, the villagers maintain a forest garden. For many years they have cleared small patches for gardens, felling certain trees and leaving others while planting underneath. After a few years, the patches are abandoned and the forest returns. In doing so, they have selected many forest mix is every uneven, it remains full of important species. Many forest birds utilize this habitat but one has to travel further up the hill to reach untouched forest, which is their real habitat. The higher elevations receive much more rainfall. Here is found good tropical rain forest but the KOROYANITU Mountain Range is affected by occasional drought (as in 1998).It is also hit by frequent cyclones. These combine to give its uneven character.



  • Pick up from your hotel destination, time specified with Aqua Tours Fiji
  • Board your vehicle and experience the beautiful western wonder “The sleeping giant”.
  • Experience the KOROYANITU Mountain Range and on the treks used for generations by the Abaca Villagers.
  • Tour around the beautiful Abaca waterfall.
  • Chance to view the stunning panoramic view of the Mamanuca & Yasawa groups of islands as well as the entire Lautoka city area from the KOROYANITU Mountain.

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